2021 Legislative Session

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the WLC accomplished a great deal, through coalitions, alliances, and in partnership with sister-organizations and legislators. We monitored 167 pieces of legislation, submitted written testimony on 87 bills, presented testimony via Zoom on 18 bills, and sent out 20 legislative alerts. Twenty-nine bills we supported passed, and all 21 bills we opposed failed. Please find more about those bills in our full wrap-up below. It is divided into eight sections: Top Priorities that Passed; Top Priorities that Failed; Economic Security and Employment Law; Family Law; Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault; Reproductive Rights; Civil Rights and Access to Justice; and Other. WLC had a number of important wins, including an expansion of the statute of limitations for victims of employment discrimination and a prohibition on sexual activity by police officers with victims and witnesses. There also were some tough losses, as Paid Family Leave and the Prohibition on Spousal Defense of Rape failed yet again this year. WLC and its coalition partners will be back next year to carry on those fights.

There were many unknowns going into this past session. But one thing was always for certain: we can only do the work we do with your support and the support of our allies in Annapolis. The legislators we partner with put so much into each session, and we are grateful for their support. And of course, nothing is done alone – we are so much stronger because of the other advocates standing beside us.

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2020 Legislative Session

This year, the Legislative Session was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, much was achieved for women and their families in Maryland. Sexual Assault survivors are now entitled to the same protections as survivors of domestic violence when they petition for protective orders. Unmarried individuals can now get the same insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization treatment as their married counterparts. And employers can no longer ask or rely upon a job applicant’s earning history when determining a position’s salary. These are just a few of the accomplishments from the past session.

Our Legislative Wrap-Up is divided into eight sections: Top Priorities; Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault; Family Law; Employment and Economic Security; Abortion and Reproductive Rights; Human and Civil Rights; Criminal Law and Victims of Crime; and Miscellaneous. While we had a number of momentous wins, we also had some tough losses that we hope to overcome in the 2021 session. We expect to see early hearings for a Prohibition on Spousal Rape and Paid Family Leave. Things will look, obviously, quite different though; the General Assembly website provides guidance on reopening plans as well as how remote committee hearings will be conducted.

There are still many unknowns about the upcoming session. But one thing is for certain: we can only do the work we do with your support and the support of our allies in Annapolis, our dedicated staff, and our supporters throughout Maryland.

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