The mission of the Women’s Law Center of Maryland includes a focus on public policy, advocacy and research to achieve systemic change. Using experience gained from work with clients and knowledge of legal issues and the legal community, the Women’s Law Center identifies and addresses policy initiatives and emerging issues that have a broad impact on women’s rights. It develops policy recommendations and works to create solutions and overcome barriers to equality for women.

Founded almost 50 years ago, the Women’s Law Center has been at the forefront of significant progress, but full equality for women has not been achieved. We continue to strive for access to justice and equal rights for women.

Legislative Advocacy

The Women’s Law Center of Maryland engages in legislative advocacy to ensure the physical safety, economic security, and autonomy of women throughout the state.

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Appellate Advocacy

The Women’s Law Center of Maryland frequently signs on to amicus briefs written by other local or national organizations that present important issues that have an impact on women.

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