Family law cases can be confusing and emotional. Issues that involve custody, divorce, visitation and child support have a profound impact on you and your family. Understanding your legal rights and how the legal system works will help you get the best results. This information will help you to make good decisions, find available services and protect your rights. Unfortunately, many women can not afford to hire an attorney to represent them in family law cases and resources for free services are limited. Through its family law programs, the Women’s Law Center provides individuals with information and legal assistance in family law cases.

Family Law Hotline

1-800-845-8550 | Hours: M–F 9:30am–4:30pm

The Women’s Law Center’s free hotline answers questions about family law. The hotline is staffed by an experienced attorney. While the hotline attorney cannot represent you in court, he or she will provide basic information to help you understand your rights and tell you about other community resources to help you. Hotline services are anonymous and are available to men and women.

The attorney will give you basic information about Maryland family law to help you understand your rights and legal options. The lawyer can answer your questions about:

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Marital property
  • Alimony
  • Paternity
  • Name change
  • Guardianship

You may call the Hotline as often as you need. Due to the heavy volume of calls received, Hotline services are limited to brief conversations that will provide you with information.

The Family Law Hotline services are available only to callers who are low-income. The Hotline attorney will ask you about your income and will collect other basic information.

Your call will be answered by a Women’s Law Center Family Law Hotline staff attorney. All Family Law Hotline attorneys are knowledgeable about Maryland family law. You can read more about family law and the legal process at The Peoples Law Library.


Judicare Project

Provides a free attorney to represent you in your contested custody cases in Baltimore County (income eligibility requirements and limited number of case placements)

About the Project

CLAS Project

Represents existing clients and new clients who are victims of domestic violence in collateral legal issues, including custody, divorce, landlord/tenant matters, and more; also represents victims of domestic violence in protective order hearings when conflicts arise for other WLC offices or in other jurisdictions

About the Project

Limited Scope Representation Project

Allows you to get legal advice and representation about specific parts of your family law case.

About the Project


Kaufman Alimony Guidelines and Kaufman Center for Family Law

Legal Rights in Marriage and Divorce 2023: This publication is a comprehensive overview of divorce and custody law in Maryland.

Derechos legales en el matrimonio y en el divorcio en Maryland: Esta publicación es una descripción general completa de las leyes de divorcio y custodia en Maryland.

Learn more about family law and the legal process at the Peoples Law Library.