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Judicare — serving Baltimore County

The Judicare program can provide you with a free attorney to represent you in a contested custody case in Baltimore County. The attorney will represent you throughout the case. Attorneys who participate in Judicare are paid a significantly reduced fee by the Women’s Law Center.

Participation in Judicare is limited to low income individuals. You will be asked to provide proof of your income and will go through a screening process before your case is placed with an attorney. A limited number of program slots are available. Judicare services are available to men and women.

To request representation in a case in Baltimore County, call 410-321-8761.

Are you an attorney who would like to handle a Judicare case at a reduced fee? Download a volunteer application.

Limited Scope Representation Project

The Limited Scope Representation Project provides legal representation and advice about specific parts of your family law case. For instance, the attorney can consult with you about the components of a separation agreement or help you understand a request for documents you have received from the other party. The attorney will not represent you in court and will not help you with every legal issue in the case. This program can be helpful to you if you are comfortable representing yourself but need assistance and advice with limited issues. The service is free and available to women and men.

Call 410-321-8761 to request assistance.