Family Law

Portrait of Mother and Child

Family law cases can be confusing and emotional. Issues that involve custody, divorce, visitation and child support have a profound impact on you and your family. Understanding your legal rights and how the legal system works will help you get the best results. This information will help you to make good decisions, find available services and protect your rights. Unfortunately, many women can not afford to hire an attorney to represent them in family law cases and resources for free services are limited. Through its family law programs, the Women’s Law Center provides individuals with information and legal assistance in family law cases.

  • Family Law Hotline – answers your general family law questions
  • Legal Forms Helpline – helps you if you don’t have a lawyer and are using standard forms provided by the court
  • Judicare Project – provides a free attorney to represent you in your contested custody cases in Baltimore County (income eligibility requirements and limited number of case placements)
  • Limited Scope Representation Project – allows you to get legal advice and representation about specific parts of your family law case
  • Learn More – read more about family law