Legislative Advocacy


2018 Legislative Session

This year’s Legislative Session started out with a bang! In the first week alone, the Maryland General Assembly overrode the Governor’s veto on the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act and held hearings on the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act. This year the Women’s Law Center monitored over 170 pieces of legislation, provided in-person testimony on 51 bills, and written-only testimony for an additional 82! Some bills passed this year that had been around for over a decade, while others, thanks in part to the #MeToo and the #MarchForOurLives movements, were passed in record time. None of this could have been done without our incredibly dedicated staff, our elected-allies, our sister-organizations, and YOU. Thank you for all the calls you made, the emails you sent, and the support you provided. This is a team effort, and I am ever so grateful to have you as a part of Team WLC.

Click HERE and you’ll find our entire 2018 Legislative Wrap Up.

The wrap up includes brief summaries of all the bills we worked on – with a few of the big wins highlighted at the top. After that – with a few of the big wins highlighted at the top. After that you’ll find them broken down by section: Domestic Violence, Family Law, Employment & Economic Security, Reproductive Rights, Sexual Assault, and Civil & Human Rights. We listed the bills that were successfully voted out of both chambers first, then the bills we opposed that were ultimately defeated, and then sadly we have the bills we supported that failed to pass but will hopefully live to see another day (note you won’t find any bills we opposed that became law – because there weren’t any!). Maybe only a few of you will read through the entire thing, but find a section that interests you and dig in. And if you want to make sure you’re ready to join the fight next year, and you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for our legislative alerts here.

With gratitude,

Michelle Siri
Executive Director

P.S. If you want to ensure that we continue our work in Annapolis, as well as our direct legal services in the areas of family law, domestic violence, and employment law, donate here.