Legislative Advocacy


2017 Legislative Session

Thank you to the legislators who worked with us on, and in support of, the many important initiatives advancing the rights and opportunities of women in Maryland this year.  The tone of this year’s session was in many ways shaped by our national political atmosphere. Immigration, health care funding, and the powers of the Attorney General all played a role in a host of legislation aimed at insulating Maryland from the sweeping changes on the federal horizon.  As always, the Women’s Law Center of Maryland played an active role in Annapolis, monitoring 147 bills, providing written testimony on 89 bills, and offering oral testimony in 36 hearings. In addition, 27 legislative alerts were sent via email and posted on Facebook to galvanize grassroots action. Ultimately, 13 bills have been sent to the Governor’s desk for signature, and one additional bill was already enacted into law without his signature.  Additionally, all the bills opposed by the WLC were once again defeated.

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Sine Die was on April 10th and, as usual, it was a cliff hanger. Many hard-earned bills finally passed through that night, while still other deserving pieces of legislation failed in the last few minutes.  While we are invigorated by our many strides forward, we must take that energy with us for next year’s Legislative Session.

If you would like to learn more about our legislative advocacy, and to help raise our voice in Annapolis, sign up for our Legislative Action Alerts.

Thank you all for your continued support, passion, and dedication towards justice and equality in Maryland.