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Protection Order Advocacy and Representation Project (POARP)
If you are a victim of domestic violence seeking representation in a protective order hearing in one of the following jurisdictions, please email or call the number listed:

Multi-Ethnic Domestic Violence Project (MEDOVI)
If you are foreign-born victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or human trafficking, and need an attorney to help you obtain legal immigration status, please call 443-699-1001 or email


Employment Law Hotline1-877-422-9500
Family Law Hotline1-800-845-8550

Additional Projects

Collateral Legal Assistance for Survivors (CLAS) Project410-321-1040
Judicare 410-321-8761
Limited Scope Representation Project410-321-8761

To make a contribution, please donate online, call 410-321-8761 or email