The Women’s Law Center’s volunteer Board of Directors provides oversight for the organization by setting policy, developing and implementing a Strategic Plan  and executing a comprehensive fundraising plan to ensure financial stability.  As passionate and dedicated advocates for the legal rights of women, Board members are enthusiastic ambassadors for the Women’s Law Center’s mission and services.

President – Barrett King, Esq.
Vice President – Sandy Daniels
Treasurer – Gina Snee
Immediate Past President – Kelly Powers, Esq.

Olivia Holcombe-Volke, Esq.
Ashley Jenkins
Steven Klepper
Andrea Marcin
Meghan Marek
Cathrin O’Donnell
Camille Parker
Ginger Robinson, Esq.
Rebecca Salsbury, Esq.
Kelly T. Spencer, Esq.
Jennifer Squillario, Esq.
Nicole Windsor
Marla Zide, Esq.